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Scheduling An Appointment


Monday  8am-6pm

Friday 8am-5pm

To make an appointment for any of our services, you can use the Booking option here. We prefer not to take any donation payments over the phone. If you need someone to walk you through the booking process, you may call our office or send us an email


You will receive a Welcome Email that includes all the details for your session.   Please make sure that you are able to receive this information at the email address you provide. Consider who has access to this email address for your privacy and confidentiality. We will be sending you a copy of the audio from these sessions that you may not want others to have access to. 


Donation Amounts for Services can be found on each Service Page below and the amounts are in the BOOK NOW SCHEDULER (Green Button)

Prophetic Counseling

Marriage Tune-Up

Divorce Healing

Life Coaching & Mentoring

We are a Donation Supported Only Ministry. Jesus said the Workman is Worthy of His Hire and Wages (Matt 10:10). What you sow into this ministry, blesses your life in Full Kingdom Rewards and allows this Ministry to Grow and Offer more services.  

If you would like to know more about what donations to this ministry go towards, please go to Sow Your Seed. Thank you. 

For Professional Counseling please go to

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