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We are currently at capacity with clients for this service. Feel Free to send us a message in the

Contact section if you would like to be on our wait list. 

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6 Session Discount
Video Call-50min
$125 a Session ($150 Savings)


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Video Individual Session
(Non-Couple Add on for Discount Package)
Video Call-50min


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Video Couples Session
Video Call-50min



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Abstract Building
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Not every marriage is headed for divorce, but every marriage can BENEFIT from a Tune-Up from Time to Time. 

Each Session is Tailored to Your Marriage Specific Needs and Goals

We can do Individual Sessions; Couple Sessions; or a Combination

It is not uncommon for one spouse to be more willing to seek Professional Help. We do not demand participation from both spouses, but it is ideal. 

Marriage Counseling remains one of the strongest reasons someone seeks professional help. The problem...people wait until they are ready to pull the plug on their marriage to actually seek help to save the marriage. This makes reversing course quite a challenge for everyone involved. Once you have opened the divorce door, people tend to not want to close off that option to do the necessary work to save their marriage. 


I work from a simple belief... WE all go into a marriage with "baggage" we think we can manage and handle. However, at some point for everyone, this baggage seeps out in ways we never expected, and we start talking and reacting out of the wounds from this baggage. 


This is the most profound truth I know when I work with people in conflict...

Everything that irritates you about others, is your key to understanding yourself.


~What angers you about another person is an

                                        unhealed aspect of yourself~

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It is not Impossible to have the Marriage of your dreams. All things that are worth the investment will be work, but well worthy of the time & effort.

Many decide to just deal with what is instead of making the choice to Create the Marriage that God would desire you to walk in each day. Marriage is a Blessing & Gift. Many decide to make it into a curse. You deserve Better! 



Marriage Tune-Up is considered Professional Life Coaching and will not be moving into the direction of "Therapy"  If your situation appears to need more therapeutic services, we will discuss options at that time. 

MaryEllen McCloud is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing for over 24 years, as well as, she has been married for 21 years.



What You Can Expect

~Understanding Why Something Is A Trigger

~Finding The Hidden Gems In The Other Person

~How To Know If Expectations Are Unreasonable 

~Ways To Communicate To Be Heard & Effective

~How To Better Manage Stressors

~Discover Healthy Balance In All Areas Of Life

~Explore How To Be An Individual & A Couple 

~Rooting Out What Is Damaging The Relationship

~Respecting Each Other On A Whole New Level

                                                            & Much More

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