Life moves fast and unseen at times.

Before we realize it, years have passed that we cannot get back.

Now is the time to act. No more waiting and no more delays.

Take charge of your Journey

6 Session Bundle Package

50Min Sessions 


Video Call or In Our Magnolia, TX Office

 $75 a Session


In Office Magnolia, TX

50Min Sessions

at our Magnolia, TX Office



Via Video Call

50Min Sessions VIA Video Call.




Pre-Paid Sessions 2nd-6th

This Booking is for the 2nd-6th appointment that you need to schedule in your bundle package. 


The paths we choose in life directly impact where we will end up in life. Taking charge of your life is key to reaching your God given Destiny. 


The small things we do in life will add up to influence areas of our life we may never anticipate.


I encourage you to take charge of your life, your choices, and your destiny now! ~MaryEllen 

What exactly is Mentoring?


Mentoring focuses on the taking action toward the realization of your vision, goals, and godly desires. Together, we will look to build your level of awareness, personal discovery, and responsibility while providing you with structure, support, and feedback.


$85-50 minute session 

$450-6 session discount bundle package


Video or In Office, Northern Houston, Texas 


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Hours Available

Monday  8am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-12pm

Friday 8am-5pm


For Outside the USA

We Use Video Conferencing

(no account needed)

Please Note:

For International Appointments

12AM is Midnight

12PM is Noon


~Discover Yourself, Self-awareness, and Potential

~Focus on Values

~Personal and Professional Vision

~Pursue Passions

~Find Direction

~Develop a Strategic Life Plan

~Build Strengths and Skills

~Reach Higher Levels of Success

~Live a Life with Purpose that Matters

~Enhanced Performance

~Life Balance and Wellness

~Go Through Life Transitions and Adapt to Change

~Discover Where God is Leading You

~Shift Out of Unhealthy Mindsets

~Discover Gifts & Anointings Under Utilized in Your Life

~Receive Impartations

~Obtain Revelation from God About Right Now

~Learn to Hear God More Clearly

~Redefine and Refocus Dead Areas Back Into Life

~Release Religious Mindsets

~Unlock Barriers That Have Kept You Bound

~Learn How to Use Setbacks as Setups to Higher Levels in God

~How to Set Healthy Boundaries

~Find Motivation & Stick to Plans Effectively

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Mentoring Will Help You:


Please Note:  Discount Packages are nonrefundable.  If you decide to finish with sessions remaining, your rate will go back to $85 for the sessions already used in the package. If there is a balance to refund, only then will we issue a refund upon request. You will NOT be charged more money if the regular rate equals more than your total paid discount sessions package. You may also leave the remaining sessions on your records to use at a later date or for another family member to use, at the discount package rate.