We are all touched by divorce in some aspect. Opinions and Advice seem to come from everywhere, but are these voices really in our best interest?  Many walk in permanent guilt and condemnation feeling that God is no longer for them. Many more rush into their "New" life without considering the ripple effects that will be a set-up for failure once again. 

We may not be able to change the past, but we surely have control on what we are doing in the Now. 

The Lord promises to Heal us Completely, and We have steps to follow in order to be in alignment with His Freedom. Many take this process lightly and skim through quickly only to find their baggage is still following them day by day. 

We cannot escape what we refuse to Acknowledge and Take Responsibility for. The truth is that the enemy targeted your marriage from the very beginning of the relationship hoping you would water and believe the worst about the other person and yourself. 

Wounds left unhealed will continue to fester.  Whether we choose to admit it or not, the past surely can and will influence our Now in ways that we wish were not the case. 

Divorce Recovery Intensive

Change is a Choice.  Time will not heal wounds, only God truly does. You are not meant to walk in bondage. The Cross was a perfect act of Love.


Each session is shaped around what you desire to work through. 

What You Can Expect​

~Seeing God A Midst In Your Daily Life

            ~Identifying What Are The Blocks In Your Life

           ~Understanding Why Something Is A Trigger

                          ~Finding A Healthy Perspective on Yesterday & Today

                   ~How To Know If Expectations Are Unreasonable 

                   ~Ways To Communicate To Be Heard & Effective   

                                                                               ~How To Better Manage Stressors

            ~Discover Healthy Balance In All Areas Of Life

                   ~Explore How To Be An Ex With The Right Agenda

                                                                                ~Rooting Out What Is Sabotaging

              ~Respecting Each Other On A Whole New Level

                      ~Really Allowing Healing To Fully Reach Your Soul

                                                            & Much More


It may seem easier to just put off what we think can wait until tomorrow. The truth is the longer we wait, the more we will walk blindly on our own. God has a better way. The process may seem overwhelming but with each step, the path will become clear again. 

Please Note:  Discount Packages are nonrefundable.  If you decide to finish with sessions remaining, your rate will go back to $85 for the sessions already used in the package. If there is a balance to refund, only then will we issue a refund upon request. You will NOT be charged more money if the regular rate equals more than your total paid discount sessions package. You may also leave the remaining sessions on your records to use at a later date or for another family member to use, at the discount package rate.  

Hours Available

Monday  8am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-12pm

Friday 8am-5pm


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$85-50 minute session 

$450-6 session discount bundle package-50 min 



Video Call or at our Northern Houston, Texas Office




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MaryEllen Martyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing for over 19 years, as well as, she has been married for 17 years.

Divorce Recovery Intensive is considered Life Coaching and will not be moving onto the direction of "Therapy" If your situation appears to need more therapeutic services, we will discuss options at that time. 

If you are interested in therapy, go to  BeReplenished.com for more information. 

6 Session Bundle Package
50Min Sessions 
Video Call or In Our Magnolia, TX Office
$75 a Session


In Office
Magnolia, TX
50Min Sessions
at our Magnolia, TX Office


Video Call Session
50Min Sessions VIA Video Conference Call.


Pre-Paid Sessions
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