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To the Nation of Australia

JANUARY 1, 2023

By Elias Kharman

"To the Nation of Australia,

The Spirit of the Lord shall sweep across Australia, across all the land, across all its shores.

The people of Australia will be swept up in the greatest revival it has ever known.

The children shall be enlivened with such power, the mature with such boldness.

People from all around the world will see, from near and far.

Australia shall be known, throughout the whole world, as the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

Many shall flock to Australia to receive a fresh touch from the Lord.

Their hearts shall be opened wide, and they shall be refreshed as though drenched with living waters whilst they still stand in their wilderness.

And they shall march out, back to their homelands, where they shall pass this refreshing on to their countrymen.

And all shall know that it is the Lord who Saves,

it is the Lord who Loves,

it is the Lord who makes the Way where there is no way,

and makes the crooked places Straight.


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