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Father whispered; This is My gift to all:

My Love is kind, compassionate, it strives to understand.

My Love speaks the truth to shine light in the darkness where sin and lies hide.

My Love knows the level of intimacy needed to disclose Truth. It speaks in tones appropriate for the situation, for it needs not a sledgehammer when a feather will do.

My Love allows the process of change to occur by not smothering it but rather by opening and holding a loving space for My Truth and Healing to occur.

But make no mistake, Beloved, My Love also knows there are boundaries. It intuitively knows that there will be times when boundaries will be pushed, encroached upon, and seduced into bending.

It is at these times, My Love stands firm and declares, No! This Will Not Do!

My Love, will withstand the harshness and injustices of this world both in its actions and words.

It is pure, powerful, deep in its radiance and widely given to All. Always remember, My Love is For You, never against!

Ever is My Love encouraging, guiding, interceding, and protecting you. For everything I do for you, is done in love.

Offered in Spiritual Love,

Terry Springsteen


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