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November 9, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am changing your Heart which will change your Mind. Watch, as matters you were stuck in one motion only, suddenly are unclogged and flow in rivers from a completely different direction. I Am a Father who will not leave you as I found you. Today I found you and Today I will deliver you from what is holding you back. You hold more keys to the future than you imagine. I can provide the doors, but you must also use the keys in your hands. Complacency will be your undoing.

Forsake the old dried up roads of yesterday’s. I have poured fresh oil over your life. The New Wineskins are ready. The Field is waiting to be Harvested. You have come through and now is your time to Celebrate and Enjoy what I have set aside for you. Take off your sackcloths. I have wiped away the shame from your youth. I will revive the fire from within. You will rise up from the foundations of old to carry the new into the atmosphere.”


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