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January 1, 2023 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The Underground is awakening. The Earth is rumbling. What has been hidden is coming forth from the Depths of My Spirit. The Earth will Shake and the People will run to and fro...BUT do not be dismayed, for I the Lord your God, brings forth a Great Revival. One that the world has never witnessed thus before. People will be transformed in a twinkle of My Eye. Those that thought I was a mere fairytale will come into My Kingdom with FIRE and DESTINY PURPOSE ON THEIR LIPS.

The church of old will become uncomfortable with who I raise up and choose for these new assignments. They passed up My Hand of Glory, to stay looking at the ground rebellion in their hearts. The Boldness within these new chosen vessels will shock and offend the most religious among the nations. I will not relent! I will shift the Nations and Root out the putrid stench before My Throne. Those who walk in My Spirit will Grab a hold as I move by their house, their neighborhood, their regions of territories, and the Land before them to across the great wide oceans. Do not quench the Holy Spirit. My Word Stands and Remains for All who will Partake!”


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