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August 10, 2022 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am not counting the mistakes so you should not either. My Grace through the Cross wipes away what you see as performance. I already knew what you would do, so get back up, for you are about to witness a miracle right where you are. What you hold as your deepest regret will be born again from ashes and dust. I will make a way where there was no way. I will use your imperfections and even your repentant sin for My Greater Glory. I bought you back so be Mine and not the world’s.

Many believe the big events are what changes a person, but far more valuable are the moments that appear insignificant. In the small choices does your character and integrity prove itself daily. When no one is looking, what you do or do not do indicates who you are becoming. Are you quick to deal with your failings or do you wish to think that it just does not matter? In the little, will you become who you will be in the big. Come out from Hiding and allow Me to have My way inside of you, for My Light is about to pour out Greatly from those who are yielded.”


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