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January 3, 2023 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You can see in the distance many things on the horizon, but many choose to only look at what is right in front of them. They do not understand what they see and assume it aligns with what the enemy wants My people to believe. Let’s set the record straight. You are seeing signs of the future being made in this hour, but know that I will not allow the enemy to bring the end to your now. It does not matter how he huffs and puffs to seek his worldwide destruction, it will not be in this NOW.

My people have not taken up their true identity as a unified body being guided by My True Five Fold Leaders. It is not the prophets who were under My judgment two years ago, but the evangelists, apostles, teachers, and pastors. You are out of order! You were tested and failed. You will find My Mighty Fire set ablaze the path for long overdue prophetic words to return to manifestation. Many screamed they were false words and set their hearts against My prophets. I will lift up those that stood when others called for their platforms. I will redeem and catapult the prophets into higher positions for they have gained by trust through their undying faithfulness. Understand since the beginning, the enemy has looked to STOP the prophet’s voice. Your understanding of the words delivered is the problem, for many have no discernment and desire not to gain any from My Throne.”


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