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November 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Fear will ruin your life and keep you trapped in an illusion of a lie. If you are living in fear then you are choosing to walk in the wrong spirit. I have not called you to be afraid. Let My truth free you in all things. Being afraid will not do anything for you in reality. Instead come before My Throne with any and all needs, for I have the solution and comfort beyond understanding.

Trials will come, but I have declared you a conqueror. Some things will not be restored to you physically in this life, but know that I will more than make up for any and all that you have suffered. Even what seems like the impossible, I will do for you. It does not matter what comes against you, I will use it for a blessing rather than a curse. Come closer for I have much to reveal to you in this hour. Life is not as limited as you have thought. I will return all that has been lost like a boomerang in due season.”

~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope 

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