• MaryEllen McCloud

May 8, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Today, find My Glory raining on you. I am bringing an answer to your life that you are in great need of and have been petitioning for. I am bringing you to a point where you realize that nothing is missing and nothing is broken in you. I am bringing much needed healing in many areas of your life. Bring your desires to My Throne this very day. Radical Change is My Specialty

. Decide to let the old yield to the New. I desire many things for you, but what do you desire? Did you lose hope in the valley or decide you no longer required My guidance on the mountain top? My Voice speaks to every situation; every joy and every pain. The enemy will lie to you, but when you tune your frequency to My Heart, you will overcome the schemes of the enemy. Look up, for your answer is on the way. Breakthrough is before you. Shift is your portion. Let the gloom and doomers leave your presence. I am a God of Hope for that is your portion.”