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May 6, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I have called you up higher so pay attention to your altitude. Your attitude impacts what altitude you are at. When you live in the negative it will impossible for you to climb to the heights that I have given full freedom too. You wound your own soul by how you let your day progress. Speak life over every area. Forget the naysayers chants all around. I have not defined you by the opinions of those who have no legitimate voice. Be of Kingdom Mind. Be sold out to what I have placed in your hands. Many throw down the good to chase after the bad before they even stopped to think about what they were allowing into their life. When you allow My Joy to be stolen, you release your authority to illegitimate forces. The Kingdom comes with violence. Do not mistake this power for something that it is not. Will you take what is yours by force? Have I not reserved the Kingdom blessings in your hands? Stop running in fear and Stand where I place you. This is your authority to take up!”


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