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May 4, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Let the troubled waters leave your soul. You wear victory. The battle is won on your behalf. Even now as the trumpets sound, the enemy has lost his hold over your situation. The darkness has surrendered to the light. What was pushing you back will now spring you forward. What worked against My purposes in your life will be the grease to move the train forward at lightening speed. What was your ceiling is now your foundation as you go on into the next stage. What was covered in water is now dry land. You will do the impossible for there is no limit over your life. Trust in Me for I cannot fail you. Do not consider what your eyes see in the natural for I am causing blessing and favor from unlikely places and people. I will not let you go without. Take your Rod and Staff. Use what is in your hands. You have the power within you to calm the storm before you. This is your season to walk in full dominion.”


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