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May 31, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “My Majesty is a blanket over you this day. I will illuminate your path with the light of a 1000 candles. You have not come this far to quit. Get Up and take the Rod and Staff that I have provided you with. I have new lands for you to flourish and thrive in. No longer will you be allowed to stay in the familiar and comfortable. I will sift My People, and I will shake My People. I am searching among My Children to find those with a true and pure heart towards Me.

Have you asked Me to call you, and when I called, you said Here I Am Lord? Did you fall asleep in the midst of Me Moving over the Earth? Are you running around with fear to the news reports that the sky is falling? By My very Breath over all of creation, the world still lives and everything upon it. Who is in control over your life? I cannot be your Lord if you have placed something else in your hands and heart. I will give you whatever you need to complete and be successful in what I have called you to do.”


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