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May 3, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I want you to consider that you are far more mature in your walk than you give yourself credit for. How you handled matters decades ago is surely not your potential in these moments today. It does not even matter how another person would go about something. I am your personal guide not your personal critic. Does building you up also involve tearing you down? Did you misunderstand My Hand and Voice behind the purpose? Many consider the cost without taking into account that I will make you a fully equipped and ready to go vessel. You are not going out with toy weapons or childish knowledge. I will not make a fool of you nor ask you to accomplish what is beyond your ability with Me at your side. So will you consider the cost once more to a call and destiny beyond your wildest dreams? Will you say yes this time and run the race with My Ruach winds fully behind your every move? Regrets only come when ‘no’ is the decision. The choice for yes has an expiration point.”

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