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May 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am righting wrongs done against you from even decades ago. What you have given up on, thinking this is just the way it will be, I am turning around. Expect reconciliation from unexpected places. I heard your cries and pleas. I will come through on what you have needed and deserve. Those that invalidated you unjustly will find I am your Rear Guard. I will leave those full of spoken words about you, speechless.

Take on the Mindset that I will deal with what you hand over to Me. I desire that you rely on Me, so release what is not working. I will strengthen you and send you back out to lands of promise. Let your Faith rise up higher than you believed you possessed, for I Am the Author and Finisher of your Faith. Nothing is impossible! Reach up higher and leave behind those that will not support you. I have a new tribe that will walk with you upon the foundation set today. Renew your mind and allow Me to show you what is to come.”


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