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May 25, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Flowers bloom, wither and die. Seasons change. Things begin and things cease. What is on the horizon is greater than what has fallen with the sunset. No man can know his future, but I Am the One who holds the future in the Palm of My Hand. By the Wind of My Spirit, you will be moved into calmer waters or into rougher seas. I am building you up and taking you to places that one day you will be strong enough to carry your full weight and anointing.

There is a purpose for everything under heaven. Nothing is wasted and all can be made beautiful through My will and power. Some times walking in My Will brings moments of discomfort. Other times, the path is easy to follow. What is a trial to one person may not be to another. Do not judge another’s experiences for you too will enter into a trial that may swallow you whole. Decide to gain wisdom in all things. Do not be foolish about your ability apart from Me. Without Me as your source, what you put your hands to will wither in due season.”

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