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May 23, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Heaven is My Throne and Earth is My footstool. I have built My temple inside of you! Do you know what this means? Wherever you go, so goes My temple. Where My temple resides, is also where I Am. Open your eyes and ears to fully understand what is inside the earthen vessel. You have looked over here and over there, but what you are seeking is already inside of you. I have not gone anywhere or even left you for a moment. I left the ninety-nine for you. I am righting the wrongs and displaying My Glory all around you. Did you take for granted the demonstrations of My power to the point that you gave credit for your victories or blessings to another? You are not subject to luck. Luck is a fool’s game to explain away My Majesty over the Earth. You are not wandering around with mere chance working for you. I Am your Lord and Father. I am working on every aspect of your life from start to finish. Nothing is overlooked.”


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