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May 21, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I chose YOU! I chose you at the very foundation of Creation coming into being. I fashioned every detail and uniqueness within you. I did not make one mistake. You are My Masterpiece and Highly prized. I did not redeem the angels. I did redeem you. I restored you to stand at My Right Hand side. Rise up to your true identity. Let the human labels upon you fall off. You are not who others believe. Allow Me to bring clarity to your mind. You are becoming in My Image so remove all other images. Man will tell you that we can be permanently separated. I am not looking at your mistakes, so come back into fullness. You do not have to wear the title of Prodigal. I am involved in everything you do each day. I am not off somewhere far away. You are always on My Heart and Mind. Let Me dance with you. Let Me share in your sorrows. Give it all to Me for I promised to Bring Joy to you and Heal you!”


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