• MaryEllen McCloud

May 20, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “There is nothing you face that I will not move on and deal with. Just ask Me for what you need. Ask Me for your heart’s desires. I write the path for you in sand. I add in what you ask Me for and take out things when I have something better in store. Follow My Voice and I will catch you when you stumble. Release the shame and condemnation of religious voices. My Spirit will convict but also comfort at the same time. Our relationship is between us. Be free to walk in full authenticity. You are called to nothing less. You are My Co-Creator in the journey set before you. You are a vital key in My Kingdom. I did not design you to be small or insignificant. You and I will go into the Promise Land together. Don’t give up and Don’t let Go of the Promises I spoke over your life. I will bring them to pass. Stand! My angels will strengthen you at your request. Keep walking forward. I have great things in reserved just for you!”