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May 2, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The road less traveled often times looks as the place with no joy and hardships at every turn. Think Again! On this path lies My Hidden Treasures that are reserved for My True followers. When you ask for little, I will give you much in the overflow of My Glory. When you walk without complaining, I will reward you in even the most secret of desires. You cannot follow Me when you are distracted by your flesh. You have the power to control your flesh. The control is in your hands. I long to pour out beauty in all that you encounter. Plan A is still before you no matter how much you believe has been lost. I Am the Way Maker! If nothing is Impossible for Me, then you are in Great Hands. Let the fear of what might go wrong leave you completely. Too many rob their futures worrying about aspects that never happen in reality. Do I look worried about your future? You are advancing the field. Do not turn back.”


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