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May 19, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “By My Grace and Mercy will man endure and survive the fires all around him. It is not of your own ability. I will sustain you always. I desire for My Royal Sons and Daughters to support and encourage all people. Be kind and understanding in all you do and say. Did I not say the Meek will inherit the earth? Stay humble and honorable in your intentions with people and activities. Many won’t receive you. Go to where you are welcome. Find that I am molding you through the very day before you. Watch and See how I turn even the biggest problem around for your benefit. You are not called to do it alone so invite Me into your circumstances with full faith and trust that I will do the Impossible before your eyes. Let Me breathe over your needs for My Angels were already dispatched. Your day of deliverance has arrived! What was stuck and immovable will be set free. Run into the New for doors are opening before you.”

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