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May 18, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I will not cast you out of My House. The lies of the enemy circle around you. Take your sword and make him sorry he ever came near you. You know My Voice and you know the voice of the enemy. Stand for what is true and honorable. Do not make the mistakes of your ancestors. What you allow to consume you will overtake you as well. You must choose who you will follow each day. Do not be lulled into a slumber that you believe you are doing right before Me when you are not. Stand Now for the victory is upon you! In due season, My Promises will come to pass. Let your feet walk where I will lead them. You have nothing to fear. Did I not promise to go before you to prepare the way? I know what lies ahead, and what is hidden will be revealed. Everything will turn out ok. Continue to place your faith and trust in My arms. I have never failed you! Greater is before you, not behind you.”


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