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May 15, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Forever is My Will and Good Pleasure to lavish My Love upon you. I created you to have a relationship with Me not as a servant, but as Sons and Daughters. Fix your gaze upon Me for I have what you are seeking. All other streams and fountains will run dry, but I have living water to refresh your soul and spirit. I am imparting New Revelation in this Hour. Keys and Strategies to move you out of areas that are stubborn to change. Find yourself today rebuking the negative thoughts in your mind that tear your soul down to nothing. I desire for you to live in the fullness of favor and blessings not as a dog looking for scraps. You were created for more and more is where I will take you. Come up here! Do not stay where you are. See in the spirit beyond your circumstances and situations to know that I have a beautiful plan for your life. I have not forgotten nor forsaken you. Cast those beliefs out of your life for good. The tombs of yesterday are fading and Behold I do a New Thing in the Glory before you.”

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