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May 1, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Storms come and go. Remember that they go. You have been made ready in the secret as well as in the open. In this season, I will do unprecedented shifts for you personally and on the territory that surrounds far and wide. Watch and See just how much this year turns around to your favor. I will have the final say, not the adversary. I will send My Mighty Winds to scattered the enemy. The shaking is not always a negative. Change the perspective for I am busy about the future of My people. You can undo a perfectly great day just in how you decide to see things. I have come to give you a Hope and a Future! I didn’t choose to change My Mind based on what others had to say that differed. Get Up and Come with Me! You will do no good sitting on the sidelines of despair. The Sun indeed still rises. You are coming out but first you must take My hand and not look back. Your time in the past must end if you want to see the New. I am not in your past, but I am standing right before you Now!”

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