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March 7, 2021 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The storms that came against you will not reach your shores for I have spoken blessing and prosperity over what I am doing in and through you this hour. Reach High and Grab a hold of all that is for you right now. I will not deny you for the fulfillment of dreams are coming to you in full measure. Surround yourself with people who are for you and not against you. What you lack I will supply including people to help what I have placed inside of you to come to fruition. Come to Me for refreshing of this blueprint, and I will even update it to an even better plan than what was written. Am I not your Heavenly Father who would do such a wonderful upgrade for you?

Take your baton and run your race. Others will not always keep up but do not allow that to slow you down. I have given you freedom to set your own pace. Be with like-minded people to help grow you even further. Seek excellence in all things for when you are trustworthy in the little things, I will reward you with even grander ideas. There is no limit so let your imagination soar higher and higher. Release yourself into full throttle excitement. Your best years are ahead of you, and I have spoken unspeakable joy over your life. Choose not to let the world steal that from you!”

~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope 


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