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March 7, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Many are afraid to stir the pot in modern culture. They are not sure of what the extent of their actions will turn into. If I have put that flame deep inside the Earthen Vessel, then step out. I am your rearguard. If I send you to it, I will protect you. Daniel knew the consequences of following Me. Did I not block what the enemy set up for harm? Do you believe in that level of protection? Your faith in Me is what will bring that to you. When you see yourself as the source, you will always stop short of your miracle.

What can man do if I Am behind you? Will you stand or be counted out? Only you can decide how your actions will stand for or against. Some crave unending excitement and others desire a simpler life. I will use both for My purposes. I created you unique in knowing what you would desire day by day. I will light the flame in your belly until you can no longer contain what I have placed inside. The lesser road will lead to less and truly be a disappointment.One day you will see the beginning from the end of your life. Will you suffer loss in what could have been compared to what was?”


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