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March 31, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “When people have counted you out, I have counted you in. When people said you will never become this or that, I said then that is exactly what I will make you into. Do you disagree? Then look again! The Roses are in bloom with such a sweet fragrance. You are My most precious of Roses. I have given you perfect beauty and My protection all around you. Many fail to utilize the Rose seeds, but I Am the Gardener in your life. I am taking those seeds pollinated by My hand and planting new Rose bushes far and wide. What you carry will go far and wide in My Honor.

You are a World changer and Atmosphere Shifter. As My Child, you are unable to do anything less. My Spirit lives inside of you so no matter where your feet will trod, My Presence is ever present. Invite the releasing of My Spirit all around you. Let Go of what you think will happen and just Be. For in the moment, you cease to be limited and walk in full limitless power potential. You were born from this and divinely chosen!”


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