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March 30, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “What you are in currently is far bigger than you imagined. Many see themselves as an insignificant snowball rolling down the hill. Not likely to do any damage or be noticed with any certainty. I want you to change your perspective. You are that snowball in My Hands being sent down the highest of mountains, picking up speed and size as you go, until the Whole side of the mountain caves under the pressure. The weight will expose what has been hidden in My Glory.

You are far from insignificant. Just as I sent Gideon who doubted My voice, you are one who will do what seems illogical and unlikely to succeed. I do not require much to create the largest of impacts. You already carry what is needed and have perceived the small as insignificant. Let My Flame grow inside of you! Let Me Take you to the reaches of the very Time and Space. You are not bound by the science that surrounds you. You have to expect the supernatural to actually walk in it. Stand! This hour is vital to My Plans!”


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