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March 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Free yourself from the opinion of man and stop before you form your own opinion about others. You are just chasing after an illusion and distraction. Each person must answer for what they did in this life. Release yourself as some noble gatekeeper. I have better things for you to keep your eyes on. What the world is missing is not what others will focus on. The natural world has it wrong.

You are ahead of the game! Do not let the riptide's take you in the wrong direction. Be on purpose. Be diligent for the Kingdom. The enemy wants you to be in conflict all day long. I desire you to be in love with what I am doing in and through you. Which sounds more pleasant? Many are choosing to be lost because they are letting the spirit of rebellion lead their hearts and mind. Do you know what spirit you are of? Come closer so I can show you beauty for ashes!”

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