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March 26, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Old Wine Skins will not hold what I am doing over My People in this Hour. Many are trying to stay comfortable in the old at the same time that they ask for My New. I am bringing down the structures of old mindsets. I am challenging the religious thoughts of even your most respected of leaders. I have not called My people into religious rituals that yield emptiness in reality. Behold I Am a Heavenly Father that does a New Thing!

You are My Pride and Joy. Do not cast your best to the swine. Many believe I have called them to take up causes that are merely draining their purpose and leaving them ineffective for what I have asked to be taken up. People will judge you and claim you are not in My Will. Let Me deal with the peanut gallery. What do they know about My Hand over your life? Did they purchase it from the pit of hell? Will they be the ones who establish you firmly in My Best?”


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