• MaryEllen McCloud

March 22, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says,“Take what I have, for nothing is kept from your grasp. Ask, Seek, and Knock on the Doors of the Kingdom. This is your inheritance. I will not change the deed that has your name written upon it. You are entitled and worthy of all that My Love will afford in your life. People will tell you that denial is your portion, but My Voice is all that should matter to you. When you expect little, you will ask for little. How you see your value, worth, and identity will shape everything in our interactions.

Heaven is not a democracy. Let your voice of praise be heard for nothing will separate you. The opinion of man is flawed and self-serving. Release yourself from the bondage placed unrighteously upon your chest. You have the power, do you have the will? Many live with baggage that I have already severed 2000 years ago. You are My Child First and Always. Consider no lower road. It is time for you to grab your royal garments and no longer place rags upon your back again.”