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March 19, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Let My Unspeakable Joy and Peace enter your complete being. Stop to look around one more time, for what you have seen and known is getting a Heavenly Upgrade. I am giving you a New View and Perspective. The old one was considerably flawed and narrow minded. The world will stir you up with what to be concerned about. Let Me put your mind at ease. You are coming out of what was oppressing you. Tomorrow is being birthed out what shaped today. You are more of an overcomer than you have given yourself credit for.

You are growing into Mature Sons and Daughters after My Own Heart. Do not cast your crown after garbage. Choose your battles with Kingdom Discernment. The distractions leading into dark alleys are unfruitful. Screaming at the darkness will not change the situations or the minds. Pray over people even your greatest enemy. This is your source of power. I will guide as you ask Me for My Heart towards those around you. Welcome to Your Day and Hour!”

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