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March 20, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “There are days that seem ordinary and Days that turn out to be Extraordinary. This is where you are right now. Walking into the Unprecedented in ways never imagined. Even when you felt you had a grasp on what I am up to, you really have no clue in reality. I have shown you pictures but not the Movie yet in the making of who you are Becoming. Many stare at one aspect of what is in front of them. Failure to step back and take in the whole scenery will cause you to miss My Glory all around you. I am in everything and around everything.

From small brings forth the Massive. Just as an oak tree comes from a tiny acorn, so is this power manifesting before you this very day. The Roots are Deep and the Supply plentiful. Those that rose up against you are going to fall at your feet. I have given My Verdict in the Courtrooms of Heaven. You hold the victory. Rise up for the enemy has no power over you!”


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