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March 2, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Your Boots are New. Your Clothes are New. What you came in with is gone. I am restoring the lost, broken, and downtrodden. I am bringing a Fresh Wind to blow out the staleness that many have grown accustom to. Where you thought you would be today is not as important as where you will be soon. I have taken you in My Hand to move you to places your feet could not take you. Promises are being made new once more. Even when you dropped some along the way, I am faithful to pick them back up again. For My Word will not return void.

You cannot out give Me. So enjoy the process instead of fighting against it. I find you worthy of My best. Did you count yourself out just because you measured yourself with the wrong concepts? I wrapped you in My Righteousness. You are already seated in Heavenly Places right next to Me. See yourself large for I will make you even larger. I have unending resources and power to release in and through your life. I will do what you have asked for. How high do you want to soar? Ask, for My Answer is Yes and Amen!”


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