• MaryEllen McCloud

March 18, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Your Open Door and Chariot have arrived! Turn your head around and look forward. I am not in the last season and neither are you. Check your watch, for Time is Speeding up again. You will have a short transition into the New Lands and Assignments. You will not be allowed to take old strategies into what is birthing in the atmosphere. Behold I have done a New Thing. Old keys will not open new doors. You must take alignment as your number one priority.

What you thought would take months upon months will be done in a mere few weeks. What you felt overwhelmed to accomplished will be done with ease. I have arranged and placed order to your steps. The path has narrowed with stiff boundaries. You are right on track. I am not the author of confusion. When you are unclear of what to do, come sit by the brook once more. I will meet you there. I will redeem the days of regrets. You are My Glorious Child who I would do anything for. All that I have is yours.”