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Daily Prophetic Word August 18, 2019

The Father says, In a Garden are you found. In a Garden is My delight falling upon you. Your portion is not the low moments. Stop and look again. What people have told you was a failure was not in reality. Let Me show you all that I have been up to in your life. Look again. The Meadow is full of flowers blooming over all that your hands are doing for My Namesake. You are planting fresh seeds even when you don’t notice. Man sees only certain activities as worthy seed, but I focus on your heart. Even in the mundane will you send up a beautiful fragrance before My Throne.

Come! I have already placed the map before you. Many label themselves this and that. Come! Only what I say about you is important. Learn to push out the noise that echoes all around. The enemy surely knows where your weaknesses are, but if I Am your Lord, those weaknesses will become your best strengths. Do not glance in the mirror the same way you have done day after day.

My fountain is flowing in your own house. It is time for My people to tap into the power that dwells from within. You are the Temple! Does Christ not live inside of you? For many this is merely a nice platitude and nothing more. Speak to the Christ in you! For Christ is your Hope in all things. If you want to be more like Christ then learn to walk as He did, talk as He did, and Love as He did. Love is your full key to Kingdom Authority over each situation you encounter.

Be truth tellers. Do you know what that requires? You must know what the truth is. Many are riding the coattails of others who came before them. Unless you commune with Me Spirit to spirit, you will never be sure of the Truth. Anything less is just a carbon copy of someone else’s carbon copy. I have set before you Righteous Leaders who do commune with Me, but My sheep run after deceptive lies. Know that the enemy will tickle your ears. You must be wise and show yourself approved before Me. It is time to put down the toys of childhood, and walk as My Mature Sons and Daughters. What you invest your time in is what you will reap. Choose Wisely!


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