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August 18, 2019

The Father says, Trouble will trouble your spirit if you allow it to. I will settle you down when you seek My Presence. The rustling in the breeze is a warning, but not a panic alarm. If you allow Me to, I will tell you about the enemy’s plan before it hits your doorstep. Will you slow down to hear even My still small voice? A busy mind will be too cluttered to know what is a real threat or just a false alarm. How many battles were won by My army in the dead of the night? Have you considered what I do in secret? Open up your spiritual eyes so that you may see the unseen.

I am not hiding from your needs. In fact, I will deal with each one as you bring them before Me. It is in our relationship that My hand will move. Many think that they can get away with going it alone instead of meeting daily in their prayer closet. I am always waiting and you do not require a formal invitation. Come as you are! I desire to transform you into a vessel that the enemy will run from time after time. You are more than what you see on the outside. You are the Ark of the Tabernacle! I reside on the inside of your inner man. Call upon Me. We have much to plan.


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