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March 15, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You have not been going around the mountain yet again. Do you not see the benefits of wilderness seasons? I am with you ever present; your resources will not run out or fail you; and you will come out much lighter than you went in. I am taking those burdens that you felt obligated to traverse around with. Trust the moments where you cannot see, that I will lead you through the fog. Believe that I am ever present in what matters to you.

There is a difference between times of Hiddenness and Manifestation. Seasons have different meanings and purposes. I will speak to you differently, but I have not stopped talking to you. You must come up higher and notice new ways that I am spending time with you. Moses heard Me differently than Elijah. Do not allow discouragement to take root. Try again and this time walk in full expectation. Get quiet in spirit and ask Me to Show Up and Out. I am not hiding, but instead right before you!”

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