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March 13, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “With a mere three hundred men, evil was destroyed through Gideon. Do I not have more than this willing today? How many stand by hoping that someone else will be called instead? You are called. Will you stand long enough to be chosen and yielded? Many complain and grumble but will not do anything that is within their power to bring about change. You have keys that you have no even considered of value.

I did not create you helpless to the waves in the sea. You are the Change the world is in need of. I have given you a torch to find your way and a sword to wield. Instead many take what I have given them to fight their fellow brothers and sisters. Does this sound like My plan for your life? If you are not seeking My Throne then how do you expect to truly know who the foe is? Walk in My Love for I will give you the wisdom and discernment in all matters. Do not be so willing to reject before you have sought My Spirit. The Bereans understood what the Pharisees refused.”

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