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March 12, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am clearing the field! I am disabling those that use My Gifts for unjustly. What is thrown against My True Bride will boomerang back to the sender. Be Wise among your days. The enemy desires you to quarrel and walk in wounds until no one is standing on the battlefield. I have a mission for you, and you are missing My Voice to listen to accusations from the enemy camp.

You will not reach the fullness of what I have created you to do when you are chasing after false roads. I will deal with what is secretly coming against My people. You just be about the Father’s business as I have sent you out to finish. In this hour much is being released from Heaven. Do not miss your appointed time by leaving your post. I will take you from Glory to Glory. Reach out your hand for I will take you to places you could not find on your own. Choose to see things through My Eyes. Ask Me for the right Perspective. Trust In Me!”


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