• MaryEllen McCloud

March 10, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You are My Carrier of Glory everywhere you travel. Step by Step do you have the Authority and Power to shift the very atmosphere that is stuck. People will be changed through you as My Chosen. Be mindful of the gateways you let open to wrong influences. What you ingest can become good or evil in your life. Do not become dull to dangers far and near. What you overlook can be your undoing. I am lifting you up in this hour. You are arriving in a new dimension in the course of your life.

Tune out the noise trying to instill fear into your heart and mind. I have not given you that spirit. I have a glorious destiny for you to reach. A negative mind is void of My Truth. Greater is before you than anytime in human history. What is to come was already defeated. Nothing is out of My knowing. What you struggle against will hold you back so release what does not serve you good. Lay down what you cannot carry any longer. I am your burden carrier. Nothing is beyond My ability. Do you BELIEVE?”