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June 5, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am looking for New Lamp stands who will be carriers of My Fire and Glory. Ones who are willing to be tested, molded, and refined to My Standards and Pure Righteousness. I am searching over the whole world for such a people. Double minded, wishy washy thinking will not do. Many raise their hands and say, Yes me Lord, but quit at the first sign of difficulty.

Where are My Chosen and Elect? Are you mere takers in My Kingdom or are you doers of My Word? I set you apart for a reason. You have been called for more. My Heart aches to fill you up with My Oil. An Oil that never runs dry. Have you allowed cracks to develop in your vessel? Come to Me for I will restore and fill yet again. Allow the process to overtake you until you are fully shining in My Image. People will not understand the journey that you are on. Keep your focus for the reward will surely arrive on time.”

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