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June 4, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I know that the world has told you to look at the glass as half empty. The world will convince you that the end is near and everything will only be getting worse from here on out. My dear sweet Children, please understand that My Hand moves by what moves you into prayer. When you pray for things to be restored, rebuilt, and to prosper once more, I will bring My hand down to break and destroy the schemes of the enemy. The power is in your hands. If All My people will pray, they will see Heaven move with swift and precise majesty that the whole world will witness. Do not sit in your slumber happy to be saved. No My Children, you are active participates in what I am doing on Earth every single day.

Pray My Heart and Will. Ignore the thoughts of a religious minds that only want judgment over the earth. I have come to redeem mankind to a rightful place next to Me. If you think I want to destroy people, then you really don’t understand how much I Love My Whole Creation. I died on a cross to bring back My Perfect order and plan. The first Adam gave his birthright to the enemy. The Second Adam bought everything back with greater measure and blessing!”


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