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June 30, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Keep pressing in and you will reach the breakthrough just on the other side. You will become what you were created to be as long as you seek the extraordinary and not merely desire to get by. You are a sweet song before Me this day. Forget about what went wrong and decide to meditate on what is moving in the right direction. I will give you a new map and compass shortly. Do not look to get lost.

I will make the crooked path straight and what was blocking your progress will be destroyed. When you realize that the enemy fears what you will become in Christ, you will see clearly the obstacles looking to derail you. Think before you just react to a circumstance. You will avoid many stumbling blocks just by choosing to see from a heavenly perspective. Nothing is missing within your earthen vessel. You are coming out this very day! Get ready to run for soon things will be picking up speed.”

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