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June 3, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I have you covered this very day under My umbrella of protection. There are no schemes of the enemy that I am unaware of. Come with Me so that I can show you what you need to know to avoid his snare. Access My resources over your life. Call down from Heaven all that you require. I will answer you. I will help you in everything. I am always speaking to you. Keep seeking Me and My voice will become clearer and clearer. What has come against you will not prevail.

Find that I am asking you to hand over the Bitter Root that you have been watering. I see what happened against you and I will deal with this above and beyond what you are asking Me for. Do you trust that I have a better way than what you are currently doing? I know your heart and intentions. Let Me take the Reins. What was not understood will be made clear. You don’t belong here among the tombs of despair. Let the Winds Of Change surround you!”

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