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June 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I formed man from the Earth. Can I not restore him with My living waters when the world cracks and breaks him? Too many believe they are permanently damaged by the hardness of the land. I have created you to bend but never break. I am surely Powerful enough to remove even the biggest strongholds over your life. Bring you best and also your least before Me. I will change even the stones to nourishment.

The enemy you fight, I created also. Do you not know yet that he is a finite being? Come rest under the shadows of My Wings. Let Me repair all that is not working for My Glory this day. Do not hide yourself from Me, My Beloved. I will be gentle. Do you not know that You are Loved so Perfectly by Me? I laid My life down so that you would be restored fully in our relationship. Forsake the lies that I will not do as I have said. Come forth, I have called abundance to rain upon your hands once more.”

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