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June 26, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Did you get down a path that I am unaware of? You will see in time what I am up to. Pray for My Will for the nations of the world. This is your strongest weapon. Speak Life and Not Death. You have My Power and Authority within you so speak wisely and what you utter will be done. The tide can turn to your favor in just one day. I am not caught off guard, and I will do what My people ask Me to do.

Today you are here, and Tomorrow I will reveal where you will land. Speak My Truth and Love. Speak from your spirit and not your flesh. Lay down your judgment and opinions. I am the Center of the Universe. I give you keys and position to places I will use you. Do not take on more than I have given you to carry. My desire is for you to prosper in all things. I created you for More. Keep reaching for all that I have promised, and you will receive just as I have said.”


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