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June 22, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “What I wrote upon your life is very much still obtainable for you. Forget about the mistakes and the condemnation others would desire to place over your life. I decide who is qualified and it is not from the standard of men. Throw down those religious tablets on your heart that set boundaries for what you can do in life. I bought you a new life full of promise and abundance.

I do not see gender nor race nor economic status as a factor in what I have spoken for you to do and be in life. I will do the impossible before all of your enemies. If I be with you, then no one has more authority upon your precious days. It is time to awaken from a slumber of religious rules. I have made you restored unto My Arms. I am preparing a feast before your sideline critics. What seemed impossible is only true for those who have unbelief. Rise up with your full armor. What you allow, that is not of My Kingdom, decide to put down.”


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